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Artsie's Easter Poetry


"A Blessed Easter"
Easter comes with spring
Which exhibits great rebirth.
All the wonders of God's Creation
Come alive upon this earth,
But the greatest wonder
To behold and cherish dear,
Is living with the knowledge
That our Lord, He did appear.
He died for all of us
To cast our sins away,
His death was not in vain, though,
If we live in Him each day.

Written by Sharon Donnelly © 2005

"Happy Easter!"

  - - - - - - - - - -
  Ah, 'tis the season...
  When the Easter Bunny hops into view!
  He brings pretty eggs and creme filled, too.
  Marshmallow chicks and jelly beans
  Partially hidden in grasses of greens.
  The ladies wear their best Easter bonnet.
  The children are singing an Easter sonnet.
  Easter services by many faiths, attended.
  Passover reminds how slavery ended.
  The presence of spring as a time of rebirth...
  A time of new life comes to earth.
  Everyone celebrates this time of year
  In their own way that brings them cheer.
  Respectfully share your thoughts, traditions and views.
  Being careful of feelings so as not to bruise.
  In this time of renewal, rebirth
  Let us all bring forth each other's worth,
  For we all have value in our own special way.
  Let's compliment each other and let's start today!
  - - - - - - - - - -
© 2006 by [*Artsie_ladie*] aka...Sharon Donnelly